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This isn’t about Right and Left.
It’s about Right and Wrong.

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Why I'm Running

I’m Pam Keith and I’m running for Congress in Florida’s 18th District.

Growing up, my father taught me about the importance of service to country and service to others. I felt the call to serve and followed in his footsteps by joining the Navy.

Service isn’t about personal ambitions or profits. It’s about putting others first, giving back to your community, and taking the steps necessary to improve the lives of others.

Now our country is in a moment of crisis. In Florida alone the coronavirus pandemic has left 600,000 sick with COVID and 1.2 million out of work. The health crisis of the pandemic is made worse by our pre-existing healthcare crisis. Even now, millions of Americans cannot afford to refill a prescription or see a doctor.

We face a racial justice crisis, where millions of our fellow black and brown Americans are demanding an end to the discrimination, abuse, and death that they face as individuals and communities.

We face a climate crisis, where irreversible damage is being done to our planet and coastal communities are in jeopardy.

And magnifying all of our challenges, we are suffering from a crisis of leadership. Donald Trump has failed to rise to the moment and provide the leadership our nation needs to get through this pandemic. He allows Vladimir Putin to put bounties on the heads of our troops without saying a word or retaliating in any way. He continues to undermine the very foundation of our democracy: questioning the validity of voting by mail and inviting foreign adversaries to interfere in our elections.

But the crisis of leadership is not just about one man. Republicans like Brian Mast continue to enable Trump. They are too weak to defend our democracy or its citizens. We need pragmatic leaders to roll up their sleeves and fix the damage Trump has done.

That’s why I am proud to be the Democratic candidate taking on Brian Mast in this battleground district. This is the most important election of our lives. If we win here in Florida 18, we win Florida, and with it the White House.

Please join our campaign. These failed leaders cannot rebuild an America to make us proud—but together, we can.

Pam: On the Issues


The freedoms and rights afforded to us in the Constitution mean little if we do not enjoy good health.  No American should have to choose between paying rent and paying for life-saving medication or treatment.  No one should have to use a hospital emergency room as a primary care facility. Moreover, there is no logic in a system in which nearly every employer has to waste energy and resources finding and providing health coverage for their employees. We can do better than that.  


Do not believe for a second that we cannot afford to honor our obligations to seniors who rely on Social Security and Medicare.  America does not suffer from a shortage of wealth, it suffers from a moral bankruptcy in the distribution of wealth.  Our government took cash that you paid into the Social Security Trust Fund and treated it as a slush fund. It then wrote IOUs back to the Fund.  Now that those IOUs are coming due, Republicans have dramatically cut the revenue needed to pay them off.


America is beautiful because of its people and its land, the bounty of open spaces, beaches, rivers, streams and mountain vistas.  These resources have been placed in our safekeeping for our progeny. Protecting our environment is not just a moral imperative, it’s basic self-preservation.  Because of our beautiful beaches and waterways, Florida is the most dependent on tourism for its economic well-being of any state in the Union. Plundering and abusing our protected spaces and resources for short-term gain is economically foolish and morally unsound. 


In a world of rapid technological advances and global competition, America MUST rededicate itself to a public education system that is accessible to all and nurtures the vast talent and ingenuity of our youth.   Our public school system should be upgraded to address the needs of a modern economy, and to reward curiosity and learning rather than mere test-taking ability. The foundation of our public school system is the legion of educators and administrators who serve our kids every day, and who deserve to be paid and respected as the professionals they truly are.  


If we can’t afford to care for warriors  once the battle is over, we can’t afford to go to war. It is a disgrace that we have so many veterans who are homeless and/or suffering from untreated illnesses. Many have benefit claims that have languished for years, while others wait months for needed medical care. The answer is NOT privatization, which I strongly oppose, but rather to respect our veterans by properly funding the VA. I will champion legislation that mandates funding to the VA for each person who enters into the military that cannot be cut, offset or diverted.

An incredible string of words from @bterris:

Please know that the number of actual real Black people who support TFG is very small.

But the black BOT universe big.

Remember, the purpose of BOTS is to make it look like there is more support for a position than there really is, or to pour fuel on a grievance or fight.

A 'three percenters' truck at the Capitol insurrection belongs to the husband of Republican congresswoman who said, 'Hitler got one thing right.' The three percenters are an anti-government extremist group.

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