Do not believe for a second that we cannot afford to honor our obligations to seniors who rely on Social Security and Medicare.  America does not suffer from a shortage of wealth, it suffers from a moral bankruptcy in the distribution of wealth.  Our government took cash that you paid into the Social Security Trust Fund and treated it as a slush fund. It then wrote IOUs back to the Fund.  Now that those IOUs are coming due, Republicans have dramatically cut the revenue needed to pay them off. The GOP tax scam didn’t just funnel money into the hands of the uber-rich, it made it virtually impossible to honor our Social Security obligations without driving our country further into debt.  The government broke its word. Rather than cutting benefits to seniors, I will insist that we reverse these stupid and indecent fiscal decisions and live up to our obligations.

Our district ranks 6th nationally in residents over 65.  Many of these residents will eventually end up in nursing home care.  More than 64% of nursing home residents rely on Medicaid to cover their care.  The idea of gutting Medicaid, which covers the most infirm and needy Americans, makes no sense.  As your Representative, I will make sure that Medicaid is strengthened and expanded to ensure Americans do not end up neglected or without needed health care options.  America cannot be great if it is not good, and allowing the elderly to suffer without needed care is the opposite of good. We owe them better and we will do better.

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